09/06/12 Impact Wrestling Review-Final Four in the BFG Series

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Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy- The night kicked off with one of the the two Bound for Glory matches that were left to determined the Final four. This match was a great opener and a good match. Throughout the match the fans clearly were behind Hardy but there were pro Joe chants as well. At the end Hardy surprised everybody with a submission similar to CM Punk’s Anaconda Vice to get the win and also enter the Final Four for this Sunday.

Winner (via Sub): Jeff Hardy

Samoa Joe Interview- Following his loss Joe was interviewed by Christy Hemme. But he was interrupted by Magnus his old partner. By the looks of it he will get a push soon. After some words he seems to leave in peace to only comeback and get a cheap shot at Joe.

Tara vs Gail Kim- Just like all the Knockouts matches for the past few weeks this match had Taryn Terell as referee. This match was really good. After last weeks squash match is nice to see an actual Knockouts match.

Winner: Tara

Al Snow calls out Joey Ryan- After a video package that for some reason they put out for someone who isn’t employed in the company. Al calls out Joey and he comes out with a megaphone. Al tells him if he wants a contract he had to win him. This all ends up with Al hitting Joey and Joey playing a Heyman card by saying he will sue Al Snow.

Bully Ray vs RVD- Last Bound for Glory match of the night. The winner of the match was heading into the final four for this Sunday Semifinals and Finals.This match was another good match. There is no doubt that Impact has the better in-ring product in weekly TV.

Winner: Bully Ray

Interrogatory- For some reason the World Heavyweight Champion was interrogating and torturing one of the members of Aces and Eights. Into the scene came Hulk Hogan when they received a call by other Aces and Eights members. They propose a change between the guy they had and the guy that broke Austin Aries arm.

James Storm chooses his No Surrender opponent- James Storm came out like it was announced earlier in the night to choose his opponent for this Sunday. After some words he calls out the other three guys to choose who will face. At the end he chooses Bully Ray because he believed he was the Aces and Eights leader.

RVD Interview- Like earlier on the night RVD was interviewed after his loss. Then Magnus appeared and after some words a brawl broke off.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez- Chavo and Hernandez were chosen over the Robbies to face the champs for the belts. This math was an excellent main event match. Just like all the action tonight this was a highlight of the show. After retaining the titles Hulk comes out and informs the World Tag Team Champions of the World will defend their titles against AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. How many times we will get Daniels vs Styles this year?

Austin Aries with Mike from New York- The Champion came out with Mike from New York to exchange him. But when it looked like nobody was coming he was going to beat the true out of Mike. That’s when the man that broke his hand appeared. The show closes with the two of them brawling.

Final Thoughts:

Good show with great in-ring action throughout the night. No Surrender looks good even if the Champion is facing a nobody. TNA has great in-ring action but doesn’t make me want to see the TV shows on a weekly basis like WWE. They don’t have interesting storylines. They are like a ROH-WWE hybrid. Is perfect for the people that want good matches but it isn’t for the people that want storylines developed. I’m a storyline person that likes good wrestling. Even if TNA has been better on the ring when we talk about TV the WWE has captured me in their storylines.

Final Score: 9.5./10

No Surrender Final Card: Here