Highlight of the Week #4: Daniel Bryan and Kane Hug it Out

Hug it Out

This week has been filled with a lot of things. Triple H cut his pony tail, the Brogue kick was banned, AJ has problems being the GM, Wade Barrett returned and the Final Four of the Bound for Glory series were revealed. It was a pretty good week filled with a lot of good stuff and some bad stuff. But even if it was a good week there were only two highlights for this week. The Highlight of this week was the last 10 seconds of Raw where it was revealed Paul Heyman as CM Punk’s driver, but since I wrote about it I decided to talk about the second highlight of the week. That’s why I’m going to talk about the hug.

For a second week in a row we got once again the Anger Management Therapy skits. Just like last weeks skit this were hilarious.

All this hilarious stuff build up to one of the strangest and most awesome minutes on Wrestling TV this year. After the three segments of Anger Management were shown Michael Cole announced the Twitter interaction of the night. The fans were choosing if Daniel and Kane should face each other in a match, team up in tag team match or hug. And even if is hard to believe it Wrestling fans choose a hug over wrestling. But that wasn’t the most surprising thing about the Hug it out segment, the most surprising thing was that the crowd in Chicago was into it. One of the cities with the most hardcore wrestling fans enjoyed a Hug it out segment over wrestling. They chanted “Hug it Out” during the segment and were loud during it. This segment was great and I think it was even greater than it was supposed to be thanks to Chicago, also the fact that it was needed a referee for this made it even better.

This past two weeks just makes me want to see Daniel Bryan and Kane become a Tag Team and then win the belts. People will care about the Tag Division if they become a team. It will be also very entertaining to see them tag. I just hope that all this buildup ends with them becoming a tag team.