No Surrender Predictions

No Surrender

This Sunday No Surrender takes place. At last the winner of the Bound for Glory series will be revealed. AJ Style and Christopher Daniels will continue their non-stop feud and for some reason the Champion of the company is facing a nobody. Can’t wait for Sunday.


The winner of this match is the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Months ago it made sense having James Storm win the series to face Bobby Roode in the main event of Bound for Glory but with Roode out that isn’t happening. Also Bully Ray is the only heel out of the final four, it only makes sense for him to win. The past few weeks have hinted that Bully is behind Aces and Eights. Also why would Bully renew his contract if he wasn’t getting a shot at the main event scene.

Prediction: Bully Ray wins the whole series


This match is predictable, at least for me. It only makes sense to have Joe lose again this Sunday and feud with Hardy. I’m not an expert but is easy to have feud here. Joe clearly wants to get the title and once again gets short on getting his chance. That makes him mad and there starts a new feud. If it wasn’t clear that Bully was winning (maybe is just clear for me) I would say Joe was winning.

Prediction: Jeff Hardy


A student vs teacher match that’s interesting. But besides being interesting is predictable. Tessmacher isn’t losing the title soon.

Prediction: Miss Tessmacher retains


By the looks of things Magnus seems to be receiving a push. Just that fact makes it easy to predict the outcome of this match.

Prediction: Magnus


This is the match that I’m sure we would’ve got a month ago if Sonjay didn’t injured himself. Is going to be a good match but Zema Ion is retaining. I really see him hold the title until Jesse comes back.

Prediction: Zema Ion retains


Here we go again. How many times will AJ Styles face Daniels this year? The worst thing about this match is that I’m sure we will get a rematch. I’m not sure who is winning and I really don’t care. Hope Kaz and Daniel retain because they are a really good tag team, but I’m sure that Super AJ will win.

Prediction: Kurt Angle and AJ Styles become the new Tag Team Champions


The World Champion is challenging a bunch of nobodies that’s how TNA makes people buy PPVs. The result of this match will depend on where is placed. If is the main event I’m pretty sure it will be interrupted by Aces and Eights and then it will be revealed that Bully Ray is behind all the attacks.

Prediction: No Contest or DQ by the interruption of Aces and Eights