Worst of the Week: Sheamus can’t hang with Punk


Even if this wrestling week was good there are a lot of things that I didn’t enjoy. Things like the World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries having a pay-per-view match against a masked man that isn’t part of the roster, the general managers having problems in Raw and Smackdown after a month in charge and the Brogue kick being banned for being “dangerous”. There are a lot of things that I hated about this week but none of the mentioned above bothered me like what happened at the beginning of this weeks Raw. This week Raw started with the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus opening the show in Chicago. After just seconds of talking to the fans he was interrupted by the hometown hero and current WWE Champion CM Punk. That’s when all went wrong. The WWE clearly wants Sheamus to be the Irish version of John Cena but he isn’t on that level, maybe someday he will be at that level but on Monday he showed he isn’t John Cena. I don’t even know why they even put him to open up the show when a heel Punk was going to interrupt him. Don’t they know that a heel Punk with a microphone is lethal?

On Monday CM Punk clearly was superior on the microphone. Hearing Punk talk like a pro and then hear Sheamus counterattack was pathetic. But I think the worst thing that happened during that opening segment was how Sheamus reacted to the boos of the fans. What did he expect from Chicago? They weren’t going to cheer him for interrupting the hometown hero. But maybe that wasn’t the worst part was that he didn’t defend his championship. Punk clearly said that the World Heavyweight Championship isn’t as important as the WWE Championship (which is true) and Sheamus didn’t say nothing. A champion should always defend their championship. I really think that Sheamus shouldn’t have any promos with people as good as Punk in the mic if he isn’t ready. But maybe that’s what he needs to step up his game. He really not has not had a challenge during his title reign. He did have a feud with Bryan but he wasn’t as good as he is right now. After Bryan he’s being involved in an endless feud with Alberto who isn’t a real challenge. So technically WWE’s booking made him look like a fool on Monday.

I know that there are a lot of stupid things are worst things that went down this week but this bothered me a lot. It bothered me more than the general managers storyline. Why do they have GMs? It bothered me more than the WWE making the Brogue Kick illegal when the Tombstone is legal. I think that seeing Sheamus do nothing when his Championship was being called less important was what bothered me the most. Cody Rhodes holding the IC title would’ve said something to Punk, even Antonio Cesaro would’ve answered Punk but Sheamus didn’t do it. For me someone that doesn’t defend his title in the ring and outside the ring doesn’t deserve to be champion. Thankfully knowing CM Punk and Paul Heyman are together has erased most of the bad stuff that has happened this week. The only reasoned I even remembered Sheamus poor mic execution was seeing Raw again with my cousin.