No Surrender Review

No Surrender

After a long tournament and a lot of math the Bound for Glory series came to an end tonight. At the end of this event its was revealed Austin Aries opponent for the WrestleMania of TNA Bound for Glory.

Bound for Glory Semifinals—Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy:The crowd was really hot for this match, but they’re always that way when Hardy is in the ring. The match was okay but the ending sequence was what I liked. Jeff Hardy like on Thursday had Joe in the submission move that looks like the Anaconda Vice and then Joe counter it, after that Jeff Hardy counter Joe’s counter to get the win and advance to the Finals. Rating: ** 3/4

Bound for Glory Semifinals—Bully Ray vs James Storm: Second match of the Semifinals and like the first match the crowd was into the match. Right before it started the fans started to chant “Devons better” to his old partner Bully Ray. This was another okay match that had Bully doing his best work as a heel. At the end after two referees bumps Bobby Roode came back after a month gone to attack James Storm with a beer bottle. After that attack Bully Ray got the victory. Rating: **1/2

Knockouts Championship Match—Miss Tessmacher © vs Tara: This match was a teacher vs student match for the title. Tara and Tessmacher formerly TNT face one another after Tara getting a pin on Tessmacher on Open Fight Night. This match was very good but the crowd didn’t seem as interested in the match. At the end Tessmacher countered the Widows Peak with a rollup. Just like the Divas division in WWE the champion wins with rollups. Rating: **

Austin Aries vs “Guy who broke his arm”: Won’t get into the fight to much because it was horrible. The World Champion comes out to fight a nobody and nothing happens except that Aces and Eights appeared and Jeff Hardy ended injured.

X Division Championship Match—Sonjay Dutt vs Zema Ion ©: This match was pretty good. The most notable thing during the match was how athletic and awesome Sonjay Dutt is. For a match that wasn’t promoted or had any build up was good. Also Zema keeps winning and looking strong while holding the championship belt. Rating: **3/4

Magnus vs Rob Van Dam: At this point in the night I was as tired as the crowd. What I saw this was a good match, but I think the past few weeks they have done better matches on live TV. The match ended with RVD hitting the 5-Star Frog Splash to get the victory. Rating: **

Tag Team Championship Match—Kazarian & Christopher Daniels © vs AJ Styles & Kurt Angle: In another edition of the endless Style-Daniels saga we got this match. This was the match of the night and that is expected when this four men are involved in it. At the end it looked like we were getting new champs until Daniels threw an Appletini to AJ to get the win. Time will tell if this feud is over. Rating: ***

Bound for Glory Finals—Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy: With police men in all the Impact Zone this match took place. An injured Jeff Hardy faced Bully to get the win for a shot at the World Champion on Bound for Glory. The match was ok but at the end the wrong man won. After an excellent promo before the match Bully Ray deserved to win. After this match ended it all seemed wrong.Also there wasn’t a big ending like you would expect after having all the Orlando Police men on the Impact Zone. Not a bad PPV but it wasn’t that memorable. Rating: ** 1/2

Final Grade: C