Highlight of the Week #5: Anger Management with Bryan and Kane

Hug it Out

In a week in which we were witnesses of a scary moment with the Jerry Lawler heart attack on Monday there was a lot of good things. The segment at the end of Raw with Bret Hart, CM Punk and John Cena was an outstanding performance by the three of them, but that performance was outshined by what happened that night. Aside from the WWE Championship feud and the new alliance between Punk and Paul Heyman there is only a storyline as interesting, and that is the odd pairing of Kane and Daniel Bryan.

When the whole Anger Management thing started a lot of people on the Internet were complaining because they thought Charlie Sheen was getting involved, and maybe that was the initial plan but now we got something better. For the past few weeks we’ve seen the development of an odd and funny relationship between Kane and Daniel Bryan. We’ve seen this two battle each other, hug and then team up, and all was entertaining. Now we have what everyone wanted an odd couple that can make the tag division matter once again.

Just like past weeks this duo once again delivered this week. Their backstage segments with Dr. Shelby this week were as always funny. Their tag match was great, also seeing them winning because Kane chokeslammed Daniel Bryan to get the victory was great. Is a shame that like the last segment of Raw people will think about what happened to Jerry Lawler that night and not how good the show was. But even if that finish was great they once again outshined themselves with their backstage segment with Sr. Shelby on Smackdown.

They really need to increase the salary of the writers of this skits because they’re outstanding. This odd couple and comedy skits remind me of another odd funny couple. Who can forget the team of Booker T and Goldust:

Out of all the matches for this Sunday Night of Champions the Tag Team Championship match is one that I’m looking forward to for the first time in a long time. I just hope to see more with this new Tag Team with Kane and Daniel Bryan. At least I want a weekly skit of Anger Management because that’s the best thing the WWE has done in a long time.