Thoughts after the show: Night of Champions


Last night live from the TD Garden in Boston Night of Champions took place. It was night all about champions and it was great. The Intercontinental match was good, the Tag Team match was funny and Randy vs Dolph Ziggler was great. Those three matches made a worthy pay-per-view. But what made this a memorable event was the Main Event. Just like last year on Chicago John Cena vs CM Punk once again delivered.

CM Punk and John Cena once again delivered a classic battle which ended in a draw. Funny thing about the ending is that after years of getting “You can’t wrestle chants” from haters he did a German Suplex without a bridge that’s why the match ended in a double pin. But I admit that I didn’t like the finish at first because after kicking out of each others finishers ending it with a badly executed German Suplex seemed stupid. Also I had a mini heart attack when I saw Cena with the title.  Seeing Punk lose the title that way broke my heart, but then Chad Patton did the right thing and gave him his title back.  I was a fan of their Money in the Bank match and I think this match was better. It was better match but It didn’t have the same magic and the same crowd, Chicago was an outstanding crowd in 2011.

The main event was spectacular. The best part of it was CM Punk and Paul Heyman. Every single facial expression by Heyman was gold and every move done by Punk (except the botched Moonsalt) were great. Best part was seeing CM Punk rock out the Pinstripes of my Yankees in Boston. Also I have to give Cena props he injured his ankle and did a Suicide Dive. Overall it was great match that made this pay-per-view worth it even if the event was good without this. Now I’m looking forward for Raw and Hell in a Cell. I’m sure we will get this two in the main event of Hell in a Cell and I expect a brutal match to close this feud at least for 2012.