09/21/12 Smackdown Review- “I am the Tag Team Champions”

Smackdown Review

Just like on Monday Night Raw this Smackdown edition from the city of Philadelphia was all about tag teams. But that wasn’t the only thing going on there was also the return of Hall of Famer Edge, Divas action and a lot of fun stuff with the most loved duo in WWE.

The show starts with WWE Hall of Famer Edge who is welcomed with an standing ovation. He starts to talk about how he now is a fan and that the things that have happened the past couple of weeks with Daniel Bryan and Kane. But before he got into it he was interrupted by Daniel Bryan. He starts to say that he is the tag team champions and then he starts to attack verbally the hall of famer. He said that he can’t snap him because he is strong, this leads up to “yes” “no” battle from both man until Bryan snaps and Kane comes out. Just like Daniel Bryan Kane said he was the tag team champions. This makes the tag team champions argue of who is the tag team champions. Edge interrupts their argument and in the most comical way Kane delivers a great line: Edge you seem angry”. Edge then says that he expects a hugging superstar from a vegan (he isn’t) like Daniel Bryan but not from the Big Red Monster. He then reminds him about him stealing his wife Lita and torturing his father. Kane then says he will make amends for it and then hugs Edge who then invites Daniel Bryan into the hug. But the group hug doesn’t happen thanks to Damien Sandow’s  interrupts. Edge then makes the fans choose his opponent. This whole segment was one of the most hilarious stuff happening this week.

Damien Sandow vs Kane: Back after commercial  this two are in action. At ringside the other half of the tag team champions was watching the match. This was a good short match that had Kane dominating most of it. At the end Daniel Bryan costs Kane the match. Is so interesting that the two of them are tag team champions but at the same time they’re feuding with each other.

After his loss a mad Kane is backstage looking for Daniel Bryan but he finds Dr. Shelby. The doctor tries to calm him down but Kane doesn’t calm down, he even threatened to get the beard off of Daniel Bryan’s goat face. Just by saying “goat face” Daniel Bryan pops up from what appears to be a something where they store things and says he doesn’t have a goat face. The tag team champions once again argue as little boys. After snapping out for a second Dr. Shelby calms both men and makes Daniel Bryan give Kane’s title back. He then says he will talk to Booker T and make Daniel Bryan have a match later on. Pure gold, that’s how I can perfectly describe this segment.

Layla vs Natalya with Eve Torres at commentary: Short match that didn’t matter at all. At least Eve at commentary did a better job than Layla on Monday.

Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez & Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero vs Randy Orton & Sheamus: This was a good match something you expect from the fourth men involved. But is didn’t do to much. Is Sheamus next opponent Alberto, Randy or Ziggler? It doesn’t matter because his whole title reign hasn’t mattered. Also the heels are supposed to be the ones always winning so that a win from the baby faces meant more.

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes: After the hilarious discussion on backstage Daniel Bryan had a match against Cody Rhodes. The match was soon interrupted by Daniel Bryan’s tag team partner who just gave Bryan a taste of his own medicine as he cost Bryan’s match.

In a change of papers an angry Bryan is backstage looking for Kane. When he finds him the two engage in a funny argument. They then realize Sandow and Rhodes are watching them and they confront them about it. After Rhodes and Sandow say they’re a joke as tag team the champions challenge them into a match.

Heath Slater vs Brodus Clay: Just another short match from Brodus. The only thing different was that after his win jobber squad Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal joined Heath Slater to beat the big man up.

Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana vs Santino Marella: We got this match again. The only difference was that Aksana didn’t help Cesaro win. After that Antonio breaks things with Aksana in five different languages. Why break them up? Aksana doesn’t have anything to do aside from being a manager so why the breakup?

Tag Team Lumberjack Match—Daniel Bryan & Kane (via DQ) vs Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes : There are tag teams in the WWE. There are enough tag teams to make a lumberjack match. Good action from both teams. The ending of the match came when Kane was about to hit the chokeslam on Damien Sandow but Rhodes made the save by hitting Kane with a chair getting himself and his teammate disqualified. At the end Kane and Bryan worked together making a statement for the other teams.

Is incredible that they made a whole show for Daniel Bryan and Kane. The tag team champions are the best thing going on aside from the incredible duo on CM Punk and Paul Heyman. This show was a fun episode and it was thanks to Daniel Bryan and Kane. I like to say that is a sad day when people care more about the tag team champions than the World Champion, I’m just saying. Sheamus hasn’t done anything with his title reign. For me Sheamus is the 2011 Alberto del Rio, when he got the title people didn’t care. People cared more about the man that dropped the title to him.

Final Score: 9.5/10