Highlight of the week #6: John Cena vs CM Punk

20120916_LARGE_NOC_cena_punk_LThere are people that for some reason hate the fact that John Cena and CM Punk are feuding, but those people have to admit that is pretty awesome that they’re feuding. On Sunday we were witnesses of an incredible match. These two really step it up each time they face each other. Their Money in the Bank match is an outstanding 5-Star classic, their match at Summerslam is a really underrated technical display of awesomeness and their match on Sunday was epic. How can people hate that these two are feuding? They deliver great promos and great matches each time they’re paired together. They’re so awesome together that I wouldn’t mind another match in Hell in a Cell because they’re the best combination WWE has aside from Daniel Bryan and Kane.

This Sunday CM Punk and John Cena put on an epic showdown. CM Punk wearing the Yankees colors in Boston, Cena doing a Suicide Dive and the double pin, all that was awesome. Is a shame that Cena only steps his game when he faces CM Punk, he isn’t a bad wrestler he just doesn’t step his game with others. Is also a shame that the match ended in a double pin. I say that not because the finish sucked I say it because the match was so good that it felt like they robbed us from something awesome. The end of the match was like ending the World Cup Final in a draw. Thankfully will get an ending on Hell in a Cell with Punk retaining over a broken down Cena. Wouldn’t be perfect having Cena doubt himself for the first time in years, that will open the door for character development. And I’m not talking about a heel turn because he doesn’t need that he needs to show another side that we haven’t seen from Cena. Now with Cena recovering from a arm surgery and Punk really pissed at Brad Maddox Raw will be interesting. I’m sure that there will not be any physical confrontation with Cena and Punk, that might help the build for Hell in a Cell.