Predicting Raw: An angry Champion in search for respect

Last week Raw ended with an angry CM Punk yelling to an incompetent referee after he blew a call. Because of that who will open up the show will be a really pissed off CM Punk or his new—don’t know what it is—representative Paul Heyman speak for him. Also it can be expected to see a injured Cena interfere on the opening. What will be interesting to see is how New York fans react, especially when Paul Heyman is from there. Also it will be interesting to see how Cena reacts to the bad call made last week. Will he show how an hypocrite he is by accepting a victory that in reality doesn’t exist? Also will we get another tag team main event? With AJ’s lately booking we will se a tag team Main Event.

Aside from the main storyline involving the top guys in the company there is another duo everybody is talking about. The current tag team champions looked to be on the same page this Friday when they literally destroyed the whole tag division.  But that will not last longer with the track record of these two. They’re in the most entertaining love hate relationship and that will not end because they beat up a group of jobbers that at the same time form the tag division.  How things are between these two at the end of the night they will fight and then make up with a hug.

Another interesting thing to discuss is the new Jobber Squad that was formed on Friday Night Smackdown. Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater are now in a stable that they named Encore over in Twitter. That little jobber squad will end up squashed at the end of the night when they are fed to Ryback. If they get another ending I will be surprised.