Highlight of the Week #7: “You want to be a statistic, or do you want to be a legend?”

RAW_1009_Photo_063On Monday Mick Foley came down to address the sudden change of CM Punk. But before he could say any word about the topic CM Punk interrupted him. If any ROH fan remember this two had a similar conversation in New York years ago during the original “Summer of Punk”. Back in 2005 Mick Foley appeared and told Punk he couldn’t be champion forever and that he wanted him to face Samoa Joe that night. This Monday Mick Foley told Punk he should face John Cena in Hell in a Cell to cement his legacy. This obviously didn’t sit well with Punk who is right to be mad, people keep putting Cena in his way when he has defeated him in multiple occasions. But the reason this is the highlight of the week and one of the best segments of 2012 were the words of Mick Foley. It felt so real, it showed what professional wrestling is all about.

Do you want to be a statistic, or do you want to be a legend?! No one cares about dates. What they care about are the moments that go on and define us; the moments of greatness!

When I heard those words come out from Mick Foley’s mouth I had Goosebumps. He is right nobody remembers dates and title reigns. In a sport that isn’t a sport at all the moments are the ones that make you a legend. Jumping out of the Titantron, getting thrown through a table on fire, get bitten by a snake in the middle of the ring, survive a Hell in a Cell match and speaking your mind on live TV are things that people will remember.

RAW_1009_Photo_066Also during this promo I realized that Mick Foley is the definition of Sports Entertainment. Shawn Michaels was the best in-ring performer and Stone Cold Steve Austin the greatest Superstar, but neither of them define Sports Entertainment like Mick Foley does. Mick Foley jumped out of cages, wrestled in thumbtacks, set himself on fire and wrestled in barbwire just to make the fans get on their feet. Professional wrestlers will bleed to make fans happy and Mick Foley embodies that, that’s why he was the perfect fit for this promo with Punk. The WWE Champion doesn’t want to do anything for the fans because they turned their back on him. Punk did everything right but he still couldn’t get the respect he deserved. Now with all this buildup and CM Punk’s anger building up and ready to explode the possibility of seeing a new CM Punk are big. Maybe the Hell in a Cell promo with a Devil Punk is giving away a darker Punk.

The only downside of this promo is that Mick Foley isn’t the one that will face CM Punk on Hell in a Cell. If they would’ve announced Foley vs Punk after this promo I would have give my money to them. But I’m sure and I hope that the man Punk faces on the demonic structure is Cena. I know that for some reason people hate the fact that these two will face again but I really don’t care. The two of them deliver each time they’re in the ring, is like magic. Also I prefer a long established rivalry going into Hell in a Cell because that type of match needs it. A feud like the one Cena and Punk have needs this match. These two men dislike each other and in their series of matches there hasn’t been a clear winner. On Money in the Bank Punk defeated him thanks to Vince’s distraction, on Summerslam Cena’s foot was on the rope, on Raw 1,000 episode the match was interrupted and on Night of Champions the match ended in a draw. The Hell in a Cell match between the two of them can help CM Punk and John Cena a lot. Punk needs another defining moment and Cena needs to be more human.  Also this match can be a preview of things to come on WrestleMania. Will Cena face The Rock again or CM Punk?