Predicting Raw: Ryback wants title

With last weeks ending we can expect CM Punk opening the show like he has done all the past few weeks, well he has owned Raw the past few weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryback appears and says: “Me want title match”. Hopefully we will get John Cena vs CM Punk and Ryback is just a tease. Ryback is still not ready to be fed a world title especially the WWE title. But I’m sure that the opening will be Paul Heyman and Punk talking about the slap of last week and how the Board of Directors said that she will terminated if she touched another person from the roster.

Aside from the possible end of AJ’s reign as general manager this Raw might be built around the possible opponents for CM Punk at Hell in a Cell. A John Cena appearance hasn’t been announced but him not being on Raw is something that isn’t happening. Another confrontation with CM Punk might be what fans can expect from these two. Also AJ hasn’t been very vocal of her dislike towards CM Punk like she has done with Daniel Bryan and even Kane, that and the fact that she is still linked with Punk can open the doors for a lot of things. She can battle against him or she can side with him, but either is going to happen if at the end of the night she still has her job.