Should CM Punk face John Cena at Hell in a Cell?

Punk and Cena at RawThe question going around is if CM Punk will face John Cena for the WWE title at Hell in a Cell, but should he face him? Legends like Mick Foley and Jim Ross have told the WWE Champion if  he wanted to be called the Best in the World he needed to beat John Cena in Hell in a Cell. Are they right? Does CM Punk needs to win against Cena on Hell in a Cell? No, CM Punk doesn’t need another match against Cena to be called the Best in the World.

During his interactions with Mick Foley and Jim Ross the WWE Champion has stated that he doesn’t need to prove himself against a man that he has beaten on multiple occasions. When he says this he is right, he doesn’t need to prove anything because for almost a year he has held the WWE Championship and has beaten all his challengers. Why does he needs to beat John Cena? Isn’t John Cena the one that needs to beat him?

Having CM Punk vs John Cena once again wouldn’t be a bad idea, having them face each other  in the Hell in a Cell makes sense because the Cell was made for it. The Hell in a Cell is brutal match in which the men involved want to beat each other up until the other is totally broken. John Cena and CM Punk want to inflict pain to the other that’s why this match would be a perfect fit to end the Punk/Cena feud for 2012. But that doesn’t mean that it make sense that to cement his legacy CM Punk has to beat Cena again in Hell in a Cell. If he does that will they call him Best in the World or will they tell him he has to face Cena again on Survivor Series?

RAW_1009_Photo_063Also like CM Punk said on Monday in Oklahoma, in any other sports there’s no instant rematch. Why should he give Cena shot after shot if he beats him every time? But Mick Foley is also right when he talked about defining moments a week ago, CM Punk needs another defining moment. But is defeating Cena again a defining moment? Wouldn’t be a defining moment if CM Punk faces The Rock and beats him? Even when the segments are compelling and entertaining they don’t make a lot of sense. Like having them telling Punk needs to prove he is the best by beating Cena again and the argument that Punk needs to earn respect.

How many times you have to beat a guy to prove you’re better than him? In sports like Boxing and MMA one time or two, but on Wrestling looks like five times might show people who is the best. But looking down on things neither of these two have had a match with a “clean” winner. CM Punk beat John Cena at Money in the Bank thanks to Vince’s appearance at the end of the match, at Summerslam CM Punk beat John Cena even when his foot was on the ropes, a week after at Raw Kevin Nash distracted Punk and Cena got the win, a year later on Raw 1,000 Big Show interfered on their match and finally at Night of Champion the match ended in a draw. Technically they’re 2-1-2, they have two wins, one draw and two losses since Money in the Bank. Just for that you can understand why another match between the two of them would be so important for Punk, Cena is the established man and Punk is the man who had  fought against everything to be where he is at.

NOC12_Photo_155That’s why it doesn’t make sense the “earn respect” thing. What does Punk  need to do to gain respect? He is athree-time World Champion, one time IC Champ, one time tag team Champion, one time ECW Champion, two-timeMoney in the Bank winner and two-time WWE Champion. He is the current WWE Champion, and has been the champion for almost a year. His current title reign is the 5th longest reign in the last 25 years, and the 10th longest title reign in the All-Time reigns. He has beaten all challengers and has never backed down a title match. Is that not enough? Why facing Cena is so important?

Should CM Punk face John Cena in Hell in a Cell? Yes he should face him. Sure he is right but because of it he should face John Cena. He should face him in the most brutal structure in wrestling history and not beat him, but destroy him to prove he is the best. All this past weeks he has said that he is the most dangerous man in the WWE and no one has taken it seriously, but on Hell in a Cell he can prove it. If he faces John Cena again he has the chance to prove that he indeed is a dangerous man.


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  1. CM Punk is right, why should he give Cena shot after shot. Punk has beaten Cena loads of times. Mick Foley says he should face Cena to be called the best in the world. Foley is both right and wrong. Foley is right when he says Punk needs a defining moment for him to be called best in the world. Now Foley is wrong when he says Punk has to face Cena for that to happen. I dont think Cena is the best he is good but not all that. In my mind for CM Punk to call himself the best in the world he needs to defeate one of the best in ring performers of all time. Punk needs to defeate The Rock. Cena could not beat The Rock at Mania this year so Cena does not decerve to be called the best or any form of futcher legend. If Punk can beat The Rock at The Rumble next year then he will truly be the best in the world. As for Cena he is finished, he has to many injuries to be able to hold the WWE Championship. No body wants Cena as champion. Cena’s time as the face of WWE has passed Punk is what everyone wants to see.

  2. CM Punk is shaping up to being one of the best performers of his generation. In some ways he can be classed, as the Shawn Michaels of his generation. Punk needs a huge win to cement his legacey, as the best in the world. For Punk to do this he needs to fight and beat a legend like The Rock or Steve Austin. In my mind then 2, as well, as Taker and HBK would make him the best in the world if he beat them. For Punk to face Cena will do nothing for him except let people now that he has beaten the so called face of the company multipul times. John Cena is not a legend and he is not the best. Cena has been rammed down people’s throats that much they would not piss on him if he where on fire. Cena at the moment is the least liked superstar in the wwe. Cena had his chance to have his defining moment at Mania against The Rock but he blew it big time. Now Punk has a chance to have his defining moment by defeating The Rock at the Rumble or Mania 29. In my mind if Punk can defeate The Rock it will skyrocket his career and he will supass Cena off the scale. CM Punk has been WWE Champ for nearly a year so I think WWE is now aware that Punk is gold to them and is a fare better performer than Cena and is more liked by fans. With Paul Heyman now his manager that will also do Punk good, because Paul has the experiance to mould Punk’s career to some day have the legend status to what Shawn Michaels and Triple H have. We can expect more great things from Punk and he is good on the mic, which is also good.

  3. I think cm punk cannot defeat john cena on the ground of NO HOLDS BARED MATCHES, LAST MAN STANDING, AMBULANCE MATCHES AND FALSE COUNT MATCHES. Punk and cena have don’t have clear and clean winning matches so they should defined themselfs cell who is the best1 .

  4. At Night Of Champions Cm Punk did not beat John Cena but instead John Cena beat Cm Punk (Punk shoulders were completely down), the only difference was that Cenation’s shoulders were on the mutt too that made the match to end in a draw, so they should defined themselves Hell in a cell without any superstar interfering the match. This match has to happened in cell…

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