Thoughts on CM Punk’s DVD

Last Summer wrestling fans know it as the “Summer of Punk”, that summer was a magical to be to be a wrestling fan. That summer was when we were witnesses of CM Punk’s rise to the top of the WWE and the Wrestling industry. With his sudden rise the WWE decided to make a DVD about it. I have to say that they were making a CM Punk DVD I was extremely excited. I will not say I’m a big Wrestling fan because I’ve only been a fan for 5 years and 4 of them were as a casual fan that watched when I got a chance, but I can say I’m a fan of CM Punk. Even when he turned heel in 2009 and feuded with my then favorite wrestler Jeff Hardy I couldn’t hate him. I was also excited because he is the reason I became a loyal wrestling fan that doesn’t miss a Raw. Last summer I was watching YouTube videos and that’s when I found out “The Promo” and since that day I haven’t miss a Raw in a year. That’s why I couldn’t wait to see the DVD.

Now that I’ve watched the DVD I can only say that is a must see. Any wrestling fan will enjoy it, even a person that doesn’t watch wrestling can enjoy the it. The movie isn’t about a wrestler and the wrestling business, is about a person. That’s what makes it such a good documentary. Watching this you can understand why Punk is like he is. His family problems, his sacrifices to get where he is at and him not getting the recognition he deserved are touched throughout the DVD.

What makes this the best WWE documentary is the fact that is a human story not a wrestlers story. Is just the tale of a young boy from Chicago that his only dream in life was to become a wrestler and he made it. But just because life is not always easy he had a rough path to make where he’s at. Everything that he has done is covered in the documentary. His personal life, his span as a backyard wrestler, “King of the indies” stage, ROH stage and his WWE career are all covered in the DVD. But as I said it wasn’t a story of a wrestler, it was the story of a man.

As I said before I believe that any person can enjoy this documentary and not be a wrestling fan. I say this because as soon as I finished watching it I told everything that happened to my little brother who isn’t a big wrestling fan, well he isn’t a fan. But surprisingly he enjoyed the conversation and asked me a lot of things. One of the things that he asked was “They choose a champion for their looks?”, that’s what I think shocked him the most. What shocked me the most was that John Cena looked as a jerk in the DVD, he didn’t gain points with the smarks that’s for sure. After all what CM Punk said last summer of their contract signing was true. Also when the DVD is in his closing moments when they’re discussing the Money in the Bank pay-per-view and when Punk decided to resign his contract makes you realize that things could be very different. CM Punk wanted change and he has gotten change even if we can’t see it on TV. The biggest change is backstage and that might be the best change CM Punk could’ve brought. 

Overall this Documentary is a must see because is the truest thing you can watch. It also gives you a look into CM Punk the person not the character. While watching this you can see that at the end hard work pays off and that you can do whatever you want to do as a living. CM Punk wasn’t supposed to be in the WWE and become the WWE Champion but he did it anyway. While watching this production I learned that when you have a dream you do anything to accomplish it, that’s what CM Punk did.