Highlight of the Week #8: The action in the ring


Is interesting to see how the WWE at last has storylines aside from the World titles ones. They have a current storyline with the Divas and the tag division is coming to life. Things like that makes me look forward for another week in wrestling, but things like the Debate on Monday makes me hate wrestling. Even with such horrors as the Debate on Raw the week was good. Is hard to pick a highlight in a week that wasn’t so stellar. Main Evente debuted and was good, but it isn’t something that makes you look forward too.  Once again Punk had an stellar in-ring promo  with Jim Ross and a nice staredown with Ryback but it wasn’t something that stood out. But what stood out was the three top matches of this week: Damien Sandow vs Sheamus, CM Punk vs Sheamus and CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler.

This Monday the best match of the night was Sandow vs Sheamus.  When you look at this match you can see a future main eventer in Sandow and a deserving champion on Sheamus. Earlier in the night seeing Sheamus be the big bully on the Debate when he is supposed to be the good guy I didn’t see him as a Champion, but that all changed when he stepped into the ring and put on a great match.

Then on Wednesday in the Premiere of Main Event Sheamus and CM Punk delivered a really good match in what was their first televised match.  During this year CM Punk has proven that he can deliver great matches with anyone. The best part of the match was that both men looked good. In the eyes of fans Sheamus lost because Punk cheated when in reality he just was smarter. He didn’t take the cover of the turnbuckle on purpose to then use it, on the contrary he took the cover by accident and when he realized it was exposed he used it to get the win. That just made Punk look smart while it got heat on him. Also it was great to see the WWE Champion get a win in a show that you would’ve expected Sheamus to win.

Finally this Friday Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk had a match on the Main Event of Smackdown. As expected the two had a great match. It was so good that it felt short. I know that they’re teasing a Ryback vs CM Punk match at Hell in a Cell but Ziggler and Punk had developed a feud without being a feud. First Punk leaves Ziggler alone on Montreal and Ziggler does the same this Monday with that a match was set on Friday, that’s a some type of feud. That makes you think that the WWE is trying Ziggler as a possible face, maybe? Only thing that would’ve made this a better match than it was would’ve been Heyman and Vickie having a confrontation.

In conclusion this week nothing really great happened, but they did have great in-ring matches throughout the week.  Imagine how different things would’ve been if the sound of a glass breaking would’ve been heard when Punk had his in-ring promo with JR, I wouldn’t be writing about the three excellent matches that occurred this week.  Talking about Stone Cold Punk should relieve his Raw #900 Promo and fool fans again. Really hope that one of the men involved in the legends angle with Punk is Stone Cold because they really need to do something together, even if they never have the match they need to have a segment.

Since I mentioned the Raw #900 Punk Promo I think I should leave the video below: