Highlight of the Week #9: CM Punk vs Vince McMahon

punk-vkmThere is only one thing that went down this week that is worth talking about. The verbal and physical confrontation CM Punk and Mr. McMahon had this Monday might be the best thing of 2012. The verbal confrontation, the slap and the match between these two was the closest thing we will get of an Attitude Era. People that don’t know a thing of what they’re talking about always say they should bring back the Attitude Era when it isn’t needed. What the current product needs is interesting storylines that make sense. What went down on Monday is prove to that. Sure Vince having a match it isn’t something new but it was something unexpected, and this current Era is rare to see something unexpected.

whatamaneuverEven if the verbal confrontation was good the match was the best part. Who knew that Vince could still deliver in the ring, also seeing the sleeveless shirt brings back memories. The match between the two was brutal and that fans were loving it. The fans loved every bit of it: Vince hitting Heyman, Ryback coming down to defend Mr. McMahon and Cena feeding Punk to Ryback made the crowd as good as the Miami one. It really is a shame that what everybody talked about at the end of the night was Punk hitting a fan. Fans really need to understand you can’t push and try to injure a wrestler because you expect them to not react because they aren’t supposed to hit, they’re humans they will snap at one point.

Now after a great ending the WWE needs to deliver another two shows before Hell in a Cell. How things are looking a Triple Threat might be what will headline Hell in a Cell and I’m not looking forward for that. Ryback isn’t ready for a high profile match because he will kill someone in the ring, he almost paralyzed Swagger. Hope that Cena can have the match but a Triple Threat is what we can all expect.