10/15/12 Raw Review-Ryback vs CM Punk

Raw Review

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Live from Nashville, Tennessee comes another Monday Night Raw. This edition kicked off with the Big Show who for some reason forgot he has a feud on the Smackdown brand and not on Raw. Once again he talks about how he will defeat Sheamus and become the World Heavyweight Champion at Hell in a Cell. I believe this was the third time this year were he promised to defeat a World Champion and become Champion. It most be so easy cutting promos that you have done all year long. He then talks how he wants to face Bryan and that’s when things turned into the bright side. Bryan was backstage when AJ appeared and told him he had to face Show. Because of that Bryan walked yelling “no” and the workers around him yelled “yes” at him. Another brilliant skit that saves a lame opening segment.

Big Show vs Daniel Bryan—Relieving their feud earlier this week but with the roles reversed the two of them faced in the opener of the show. It was a good match that saw Show conquer with a chokeslam. After the match ends Kane comes out to laugh at Bryan until he sees the Big Show about to hit Bryan and he interferes. Kane and Bryan are just like any best friend they laugh at your failures but they will stand in the way to not see you hurt.

Paul Heyman is in the ring to introduce the WWE Champion CM Punk. This whole segment was about Punk making his decision but at the end of it Vince McMahon appeared and told him that at the end of the night there will be a contact signing and that’s when he will decide who faces him at Hell in a Cell.

Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez (via Sub) vs Brodus Clay w/ Cameron & Naomi—From squash matches to being the one squashed in a match that’s a low place to go Clay. Nothing special aside from Alberto looking strong for his match against Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman are in the locker room. Once again Heyman reminds Punk that you can’t win against Mr. McMahon. Punk then tells Heyman to tell Vince that they should face again and if he win he will choose his opponent.

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs Prime Time Players—Short tag team match with nothing special. After the match Jobber squad (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre  appeared and attacked the losers. After that they revealed their name is 3MB. I have no idea of what to think and a lot of people might think the same.

Dolph Ziggler cuts a promo telling he should be facing Punk not Ryback, then David Otunga appears and says he should be facing Punk. After that AJ comes out and says the both are in a Handicap match with Ryback.

Ryback vs David Otunga & Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero—Why was Ziggler here? Just another squash with Ryback where fortunately Ziggler ran away and left Otunga alone. Still don’t get how Ryback an uninteresting guy that yells “Feed Me More” is over. The WWE has low standards they love anything that comes with a chant, they only started to like Bryan because of his “Yes” chants not because he is great on the ring.

Heyman interrupts Mr. McMahon and talks about the match between Punk and him. But Vince tells the only match he wants to have is against him.

AJ is backstage and Matt Striker tells her what happened on Friday with Kane and he wants an apology, But because he says the word “crazy” AJ books him in a match against Kane.

Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel—Good short match. The uppercut of Antonio is sick. Also WWE fans proved to be dumb by chanting “USA” in match were the two are foreigners.

Kane vs Matt Striker—In a comeback to the ring match Striker faced Kane. But as expected from a guy like Striker he tried to avoid the “Mindless Carnage” and he hugged it out two times with Kane, but he ended eating the chokeslam. Every time Striker and Mathews get hit by Kane is entertaining. After the match Kane has a little one on one interview with Striker.

Another edition of Miz TV with Kofi as guest. This might have been the best segment of the new talk show, also the best mic work of 2012 from The Miz. Miz really said what everybody was thinking about Kofi, he is just a guys kids like but he isn’t a star that has done a lot. Miz words and Kofi’s attack sold the match for Main Event and maybe even Hell in a Cell.

Sheamus (via DQ) vs Wade Barrett—A rematch of last week encounter and another great match. Unfortunately after the Big Show interference Sheamus overcame the odds to give Wade a Brogue kick after the match ended.

Vince has a talk backstage with Cena.

Divas title Match: Eve Torres © vs Layla—A rematch of Night of Champions. The match was good for a Divas match and it had time. With Eve retaining thanks to another incompetent Referee call a rematch on Hell in a Cell is what everybody should be expecting.

Kane and Daniel Bryan arguing backstage. Bryan challenges Kane to face Big Show next week.

Mr. McMahon is talking backstage with Ryback who only says “Feed me Punk”.

Rhodes Scholars vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes—Since Rey has the flu the finals of the tournament couldn’t take place. The match between the four was good. The heels having control on Primo during 90% of the match made them look strong. Rhodes Scholars really look like as the possible new Tag Team Champions

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston—Really good match that Kofi talked Miz into. But what made the match was the kick that Kofi won. That legitimately look like it hurt The Miz. Even the doctor was shown checking him out. Maybe the Main Event match doesn’t happen. After this match I truly believe this can be a good feud for both men.

The contract signing with the Champion, the possible contenders and Mr. McMahon closed the show. CM Punk said some words and signed the contract then Cena interrupted him to reveal Ryback is the man facing him at Hell in a Cell. With the fans chanting “Feed me more” the show closes with Ryback hitting Punk with the Shell Shock. Overall good show. Still not sold on Hell in a Cell especially with the Main Event that’s set.

Final Score: 7/10