John Cena does it again

07e381_091312cena02This Monday Night Raw John Cena did something that really annoyed me. He gave up a title match. I know he is injured but when I say that it annoyed me that he gave up the title match I’m talking about his character. When a man that’s been saying the past months that he wants to be champion again gives up a title match just because hurts the Championship. The worst part about that it is that is not the first time something like that happens with Cena.

Back on 2011 CM Punk and Cena faced in the Main Event of Summerslam in a really underrated match  that saw Punk getting the win thanks to Triple H blowing a call. Cena didn’t fight the call he just argued a while and left. How can you walk to backstage when you clearly didn’t lost the title? But that’s nothing compared to the big match at WrestleMania. A whole year he’s been talking about how much a victory against The Rock meant, he talked about he wasn’t letting The Rock take his life from him. Then he loses to The Rock and nothing changes. If you say for a whole year you had to win the match and you don’t do it shouldn’t you be upset? Cena just walked the next night took a F5 and walked into his next feud with Lesnar, sure he showed a little of insecurity for two weeks but that was all. When you lose the biggest match in your life you should be more affected, but that’s not for Cena. John Cena is a man that’s never bothered by anything. Nobody can bring that man down. That’s why people hate him, there’s no character development.

When a man gives up a title match that easily it doesn’t do any favors for the title. After saying the past months that he wanted to be Champion Cena has the chance to have a match against the man that has beaten him on multiple occasions and he gives it to Ryback. Obviously Cena is injured and he can’t perform but that wasn’t the way to do things. Why not make Punk attack Cena backstage and make him unable to compete? Cena still would’ve given his blessing to Ryback and everything would’ve gone the same way.

I’m sure that for a lot of people this is nitpicking but sometimes the little things are important. You can’t have someone say for over a year that getting a victory in the biggest match of their careers is something important and then when he loses he doesn’t show importance to the loss. The same way is having the same guy saying he wants to be WWE Champion again for months and then have him give up a title match without any reason, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I know that people don’t care for things like that but I do because the reason I like wrestling is because of the storytelling.