AJ Resigns

When a new Raw General Manager is named the only thing that pops into mind is when and how he or she will lose their job. The moment AJ got her job everyone wondered when and how she was going to lose her job and this Monday it was revealed how she lost her job. After attacking employees, making unfair decisions and acting like a crazed teenage she was forced to resign because she went in a “Business Dinner” with the poster boy John Cena. That clearly was unexpected.

The Board of Directors clearly don’t look at any of their shows. This past summer AJ did some fraternizing with Daniel Bryan, Kane and CM Punk, she clearly had a relationship with the three of them and that didn’t stop them to name her Raw GM. Also they name Vickie Guerrero Managing Supervisor of Raw who is the definition of fraternizing with Superstars, she got married with Edge and then had an affair with Big Show.

This whole thing is just confusing, specially when John Cena is thrown into the mix. The good guy Cena cost the poor girls job and what’s the pay off? When you think about it an affair with CM Punk or Daniel Bryan would’ve a better pay off, even with Dolph Ziggler. If she had an affair with CM Punk there would’ve been closure on their storyline, with Bryan she could’ve been the cause of their tag team split and with Ziggler she already has a feud with Vickie Guerrero why not link AJ to her client.  Now AJ from being the girl that had three men under her finger to the Boss ends up being John Cena’s damsel in distress. It isn’t a bad storyline because it hasn’t progressed and we don’t know what it is. Just hope that whatever it is we get a strong female representation from AJ and not a girl that needs to be saved by John Cena.