Hell in a Cell Predictions


This Sunday in the City of Atlanta the WWE has their fourth annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. This show is about two things the tag team Champion Team Hell No and the first time ever Main Event between Ryback and Punk. Also this is the second pay-per-view John Cena isn’t on since TLC last year, he might be at the Pre-show talking about the AJ controversy but he will not compete. So this PPV doesn’t have John Cena in the Main Event, a new superstar is getting a shot at the WWE title, the tag division matters and the divas have an actual storyline, this doesn’t look like a WWE pay-per-view.

Eve Torres © vs Layla vs Kaitlyn for the Divas title

Not only the divas have an actual storyline they also are changing things. Even if the crowd will not be interested in the match and maybe the action will not be spectacular but at least they’re doing something. This is a predictable match but I see it has potential to be a good match, at least is something different for the Divas division.

Prediction: Eve Torres retains


Randy Orton vs Alberto del Rio

When there is nothing for either guy putting them against each other is a intelligent way to use them. Thanks to Randy being outside WWE with his movie the feud hasn’t been that interesting, but Alberto del Rio imitating Randy has been gold.  This one is a tough one to predict because Randy Orton lost to Alberto tapping out to the arm bar which makes you think it might happen again. But Randy really needs a win because he has been irrelevant for over a year. After losing to Mark Henry at Night of Champions on 2011 he hasn’t done anything to get back into relevancy. His feud with Barrett was good and helped him stay relevant but after that he is just another guy having random match after random match.

Prediction: Randy Orton wins


Kofi Kingston © vs The Miz for the Intercontinental title

After having a great match on Raw and Main Event these two are facing each other for the third time this month. For some reason this pair in a program is something really interesting to see. The Miz is someone that has main evented WrestleMania but has fallen back into the mid card hell where Kofi has been al his career, that’s why this pairing is interesting. It seems obvious that someone that just won a title would not lose it but this feud doesn’t look like is ending and Kofi has dominated the feud which is rare. Kofi Kingston might be the popular choice and it might be the one they will go this Sunday but a Miz victory wouldn’t surprise me.

Prediction: The Miz becomes the new IC Champion via heel tactics


Team Hell No © vs Rhodes Scholars for the Tag Team titles

Once again a tag team match that people care about. Now with the tag division revitalized the titles mean something. The new team of Rhodes Scholars have been in a roll lately but I don’t see them winning the titles. Team Hell No once again will find a way to retain their titles. Hopefully them retaining will only make for a long program between the two tag teams.

Prediction: Team Hell No retains the tag team titles


Sheamus © vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight title

The whole buildup between these two has been all about Sheamus not taking Big Show seriously and how Big Show lost in 45 seconds last year. With that being said is clear that neither will win the Championship, but what isn’t clear is who will eventually drop the title to Dolph Ziggler. Big Show can win the title making the whole ‘Sheamus isn’t serious’ about this make sense while making Show lose once again to the Money in the Bank holder. But Sheamus can hit the Brogue Kick retain and then a furious Show will attack him Ziggler will cash in making it one of the shortest matches in history. Sheamus has been talking a lot about numbers and that might bite him at the end.

Prediction: Sheamus retains after that he is attacked by Big Show then Ziggler cashes in and becomes the new World Champion


CM Punk © vs Ryback for the WWE title inside Hell in a Cell

This might be the most unpredictable match since Money in the Bank last summer. When you look at the buildup of Cena vs Punk you could clearly see Punk coming on top but now things are different. The last couple of weeks is been all about Ryback. John Cena even put his stamp of approval even if that doesn’t mean a thing after all he  did the same with Ryback and look at him now. But when Paul Heyman told Punk this Monday he will still be Champion by Monday I saw that as a Lesnar tease. Heyman clearly has an alliance with Lesnar and Punk, he might want Punk to retain the title and get the help from Lesnar. There is also Cena in the horizon, he can somehow cost Punk’s title. But he is occupied strangely with AJ who was infatuated with Punk. When you look at it a Ryback win is the thing everyone is waiting and what the company might go with. The possible CM Punk vs The Rock match if it happens might not be as hot it would’ve been if the title wouldn’t have changed hands before but it will still be a must see. They might go with Ryback this Sunday and that might be a mistake. Is clear that Cena will be in the center once again since he has recovered and Ryback needs that spotlight to establish himself. Taking on mind the WWE logic I pick Ryback as the winner, but since is my pick I see CM Punk retaining. The first Hell in a Cell match had The Undertaker take on Shawn Michaels and I’m sure nobody thought HBK was going to win but he did. In a match like Hell in a Cell you never expect that the heel will win because how can you cheat in a match like that.

Prediction: CM Punk retains the WWE title