10/26/12 Smackdown Review-Sheamus and Big Show last Face Off

Smackdown Review

*Winners in Bold

Just two nights away for Hell in a Cell Smackdown comes from Providence, Rhode Island and things start off with Randy Orton. He takes the microphone and addresses Alberto del Rio but he is soon interrupted by the man himself. He tells that Randy is just a garden snake and that he is the new Apex Predator. Randy then tells him he talks to much but he doesn’t have the “cojones” to face him. Del Rio is thinking to go after him while Ricardo encourages him to do it but at the end he backs off and then says that he will see him on Sunday. Following that Wade Barrett came out of nowhere and attacked Randy Orton.

Backstage Alberto and Ricardo are talking when Teddy Long interrupts them. He confronts him about what went down at the beginning at the show when Barrett interrupts them and reveals he was sent by Alberto del Rio. Teddy Long then surprises everybody by not making a tag match and just setting Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett for later in the night.

Kane vs Cody Rhodes with Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow at commentary—First match of the night was between the two halfs that will face each other this Sunday for the tag team titles.While Kane and Rhodes faced each other their partners were at commentary. With so much people on commentary there was little distraction, especially because the commentary was awesome. Sandow and Bryan need to have more discussions especially of they’re about beards. Kane ended up winning the match with a chokeslam giving him and his team some momentum for this Sunday.

After showing what went down on Monday’s main event they show Big Show on his locker room. He then is joined by the Smackdown GM Booker T. He informs him that he will be face to face with Sheamus and that he doesn’t want anything like what happened on Monday happen tonight. Show assures him it won’t happen and that he will have a new World Champion after this Sunday.

Yoshi Tatsu vs The Miz—After losing to Kofi Kingston twice and losing to Ryback this Monday The Miz came to Smackdown looking to get a much needed victory just to get some momentum for this Sunday. His opponent was the not seen in months Yoshi Tatsu. Weird to hear JBL defend The Miz given their past. As expected this was a short match that showed Miz with a little mean streak. After a bad week The Miz has some momentum for this Sunday.

Backstage Booker T is with Aksana, Eve, Kaitlyn and Layla trying to solve things out. Is revealed that Eve sent Aksana a text message to take down Kaitlyn. But even after that Booker T is not sure who to believe that’s why he sets a triple threat between Eve, Kaitlyn and Layla at Hell in a Cell. Also tonight Aksana and Eve will face Layla and Kaitlyn.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett—After a great feud that Orton ended winning this two face once again. Just like past encounters this match was pretty entertaining. Weird thing is that Barrett won. Just when things were looking good for Orton Alberto appears and distracts him, thanks to that Barrett hit the souvenir to get the win. Is the first time Alberto del Rio is being booked so strong, a victory this Sunday wouldn’t surprise me. After the match Alberto went on to attack The Viper but Orton recovers after some blows and things get even. Randy counters the cross arm breaker and Alberto the RKO. The fact that the two are so evenly matched makes this an interesting feud and match up. These match on Sunday can be really good.

Layla & Kaitlyn vs Eve Torres & Aksana—Divas action! Nice action by the girls. The ending sequence with Layla hitting Kaitlyn by accident costing their match was a perfect set up for the triple threat this Sunday. Is nice to see that Divas have a storyline involving their title.

Sheamus and Booker T are backstage, and like he told Big Show he told Sheamus that he doesn’t want any problems in their last face off.

Damien Sandow vs Daniel Bryan with Kane and Cody Rhodes at commentary—Before the match even starts Damien Sandow does some of his awesome mic work. He tells fans ways to talk without saying “Yes”. A good short match that set up things for their title match at Sunday. Cody Rhodes helping his partner by hitting Bryan while Kane was distracted with Damien was the perfect way to end the match. Now both teams are even, anybody can win on Sunday.

The face off is on with multiple security guys in the ring. Not even that makes me look forward for the match.They talk about their finishers until things heat up. The poor security gets beaten by both men and just when Sheamus is about to hit the Brogue Kick on Show he goes out of the ring. Who will come out as Champion on Sunday?

Since Raw this week started with a match and ended in a match Smackdown started with a promo and ended in a promo. Clear highlight are the tag teams and the Rio-Orton saga. Alberto del Rio and Randy Orton have been surprisingly entertaining even if they’re pretty boring most of the time. Also Sandow is a Main Event star waiting his opportunity to shine.

Final Score: 8.3/10