Who should be WWE Champion at the end of Hell in a Cell?


The WWE has done something really different for this Sunday’s pay-per-view. For the third time this year John Cena is not involved in the main event and his place was taken by a young superstar. This Sunday the undefeated Ryback faces the WWE Champion CM Punk inside Hell in a Cell. Who will win?

Everybody is making predictions and they’re 50/50, but that’s not something new because you don’t have a lot of choices. In a match like Hell in a Cell you don’t have DQs or Draws (there has been two No Contest). That’s why this Sunday either one of two things will happen: Ryback will become WWE Champion or CM Punk will break Ryback’s undefeated streak and will continue with his impressive WWE title reign. No one knows what’s going to happen but we all know that this match is a tough one.

On one side you have CM Punk having one of the best title runs in history with a battle with The Rock written in his future, they have something special going on with him. On the other side there’s the new star Ryback who can rise to stardom with a win this Sunday. When you look at both choices this is the toughest decision for the WWE to make, but at the same time is a decision that has an obvious answer: CM Punk. Is easy CM Punk should retain the WWE title because his reign is rare and something like that shouldn’t end thanks to the favor of the month.  Like Triple H said on CM Punk’s DVD is the superstar who makes the title not the other way around. Winning the WWE title will not make Ryback a main eventer. Khalil and Jack Swagger are formers World Champions and they’re nowhere to be seen. In wrestling wins and losses don’t mean anything, what means something is the story.

Many will say that Ryback needs the win because for some reason a loss against the WWE Champion means he will be buried. But that same people will complain when Ryback isn’t on the spotlight. Now with a recovered Cena Ryback will be overshadowed and someone like him doesn’t need that while holding the title. What Ryback needs is something big. He needs to lose in a way that people will be interested in seeing more of him. Losing thanks to the interference of Lesnar or even having a staredown with Goldberg will make a lot of people interested in him. But none of those things will happen, at least they don’t make sense.  Why would Goldberg make an appearance? Why would Lesnar help Punk? Sure Lesnar is a Heyman guy but he never has been linked to Punk, him helping Punk doesn’t look like something logical. But in the WWE sometimes logic isn’t needed.