Hell in a Cell Review


*Winners in Bold

The fourth annual Hell in a Cell pay-per-view took place from Atlanta. After a pre-show interview with Cena to hype up Raw and Hell in a Cell the show kicked off with Randy Orton and Alberto del Rio.

Randy Orton vs Alberto del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez—The night kicked off with a good start with these two. Even when they clearly are in this random match and feud because they got nothing to do it was an enjoyable and really good match. Alberto del Rio looked great throughout the match. Also for the first time Randy Orton hit a RKO out of nowhere. Him countering a Enzeguiri with a RKO. Now with this win it will be interesting to see where Randy goes from here. Rating: *** 1/4

Josh Mathews is backstage interviewing Vickie Guerrero who tells him that she invited AJ for tomorrows Raw to show her evidence. After the interview Paul Heyman appears and he wants her to call off the main event to which she says no.

Tag Team title Match: Team Hell No © vs Rhodes Scholars (via DQ)—Seeing the tag division matter puts a smile in the face of any wrestling fan. From Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow coming out saying “We are the tag team champions” to Kane and Daniel Bryan arguing this was entertaining. But making a tag team tournament and have the match end up in a DQ is a slap in the face of fans. But at the same time it was the best thing to happen, now they will continue with their feud. Rating: **1/2

Josh Mathews interviews The Miz who answers by plugging a National Geographic show.

IC title Match: Kofi Kingston © vs The Miz—For the third time this month these two face each other and things didn’t change. The only thing that changed is that Miz looked smart by taking off Kofi’s knee pads and attacking his leg. The Miz has improved a lot in the ring and he is starting to get on track after what went down the second half of 2011. Rating: **1/4

On the locker room Daniel Bryan and Kane had a funny segment.

US title Match: Antonio Cesaro © vs Justin Gabriel—In a impromptu title match these two faced each other for the third time. Like always Antonio Cesaro looked good, especially when he hit his sick uppercut into a flying Justin Gabriel. Rating: **

Once again is shown Paul Heyman trying to convince Vickie Guerrero once again to call the main event off and once again failed.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Prime  Time Players—In another impromptu match there was some tag action. An entertaining tag match that shows how the division is going somewhere. Also another match were we almost lost Sin Cara again. I’m sure that Mistico is regretting the day he accepted to sign in the WWE. Rating: **1/4

World title Match: Big Show vs Sheamus ©—In a surprising performance from both men this was the match of the night. What was the most uninteresting thing in TV became the show stealer. When you told a good story and buildup a year long in frustration you get good things. Also the unexpected title change was shocking, and Ziggler not caching in was shocking. Overall a great match that told a story now is time to cue Mark Henry’s return, that’s exactly what’s coming. Rating: ****

Backstage Eve Torres has a confrontation with Teddy Long and Zack Ryder who is dressed as witch. After that Santino Marella appears as Lady Gaga. The final touch was Ron Simmons “Damn”.

Vince McMahon is joined by CM Punk who tells him to call of the match. Then the weirdest thing happened McMahon technically gave Punk a pep talk by saying “go out there and prove you’re the Best in the World”.

Divas title Match: Eve Torres © vs Kaitlyn vs Layla—Good action from the divas. Nothing that special just Eve stealing a Kaitlyn win again. Rating: *

Big Show is interviewed by Mathews and he tells that nobody will take the title away from him.

Following that Sheamus is shown being attended by medics.

Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE title: CM Punk © vs Ryback—As expected Punk mostly was doing all the job while Ryback just did the big power moves. Ryback looked dominant while Punk sold being scared of him. In a surprising turn of events the referee Brad Maddox stopped Ryback from hitting Punk the Shell Shock and then hit a low blow on him. Then he counted quick to give Punk the victory and Ryback’s first lost. After that both try to escape but first Brad gets killed in the cage and then Punk gets killed on top of the cell. A loss didn’t make Ryback look weak like many nerds said it was going to do. The show closes up with a new star that WWE made. Rating: ***

Grade: +C