Thoughts After the Show: Hell in a Cell


So last night Hell in a Cell took place and it sure was a unpredictable event. First there was the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Big Show and Sheamus, that match was the best one of the night. But I don’t know what was more surprising Big Show winning, Dolph Ziggler not cashing in or the fact that it was good match. Now hopefully Mark Henry returns and we get a feud even if the in ring action will not be as good. Last year I thought their feud was good and anything is better than Irish John Cena with the title.

Now let’s talk about the Main Event. CM Punk vs Goldberg with RVD’s singlet was a good match with a unexpected turn. When I saw Brad Maddox as the referee I knew he was going to be a factor, but I didn’t expect him to hit Ryback with a low blow. I expected him to screw up a call again making both men look strong. Is a shame that Ryback didn’t get injured and disappeared for two years. I know that sounds cruel but I don’t understand why he is over. Well I understand the Wrestling Fans of todays product love anything they can chant. Ryback got over because of “Feed Me More” and Daniel Bryan with his “Yes”. Don’t get me wrong I love Bryan but nobody loved him until the “Yes” came.

Now it will be interesting to see how things go down from here. Obviously we will get a rematch and maybe an explanation of why Brad Maddox helped Punk. Did he do it for money? Who put him in that place? Why he helped CM Punk after screwing him weeks ago? Raw will be interesting.


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  1. I thought the event was really good. Seeing Brad Maddox do what he did to Ryback was actually pretty surprising. Here’s some wrestling news for you: Maddox is a very good athlete, thought – so hopefully he gets some in ring action as a result of all this.

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