11/06/12 Raw Review-Last week didn’t matter Edition

Raw Review

*Winners in Bold

From Birmingham, United Kingdom live on tape comes another 3 hour edition Raw with Jim Ross and Michael Cole at commentary. The show kicks off with The Miz quitting Team Punk. Looks like the poster boy of the Survivor Series pay-per-view didn’t want to be in the Main Event.

R-Truth, Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Prime Time Players & Antonio Cesaro—Raw kicked off with a  6-Man tag match. Funny thing Prime Time Players got a pop from the UK fans. Good match that set up two matches for Survivor Series or maybe another Traditional Survivor Series match.

Once again Chris…Vickie Guerrero with Cena in the ring brought up evidence of the AJ Scandal. This time it was the hotel footage where you could see AJ entering in a bathrobe into a room that apparently was Cena’s. Vickie then called AJ out but she refused to come out even when the crowd was going crazy for her. She told Vickie that she couldn’t go out because she was going to beat the hell out off Vickie and then she would be fired. Then a Dolph Ziggler appeared and said to AJ “We all know what you love to do” obviously making reference to her scandal that for some reason is a scandal. After that Cena being the good guy went backstage being the knight in shinning armor that he is.

Wade Barrett joins Team Punk.

Daniel Bryan w/ Kane vs Cody Rhodes w/ Damien Sandow—Crowd really into Daniel Bryan in what was a really short match. After Rhodes got the win thanks to Sandow he took the microphone and said that Sandow could beat Kane.

Kane w/ Daniel Bryan vs Damien Sandow w/ Cody Rhodes—Nice match that makes the feud continue. With all the teams on the tag division is hard to predict who will be the next tag team champions. It looks like the tag division has a lot of teams and the singles division is short on guys.

Michael Cole is out to introduce the referee that has stole girls hearts around the world with his good looks. Brad Maddox came out and immediately said that Punk or Heyman was behind his actions. That it was all him. He then tells the story of any Indy wrestler in the World. Like he said he is now famous. He is right they talked more about him this week than what they talked about Punk, Ryback or Cena. He then tells that he wants a contract and wants to face Ryback, that makes Vince appear. Mr. McMahon tells him that he will give him a 1 million dollar contract if he beats Ryback next week. He then brings Vickie Guerrero out to make last weeks show worthless. Now the main event for Survivor Series is Punk’s biggest challenge to make a good match. He will face Ryback and Cena to get to the year long reign.

The Miz vs Sheamus with Big Show at commentary—Good long match that made both men look good. Seeing Show with the belt is weird because it looks so small. Is interesting that Miz is out of the show he is the Poster Boy. Where he fits now?

Backstage Vickie tells Dolph that he will be the new Captain of Team Punk. Punk joins them and Vickie tells them that on the main event they will face Ryback and John Cena.

Backstage William Regal gets TV time with Sheamus. When they’re in England the choose to use him.

Eve Torres & Aksana vs Layla & Kaitlyn—Divas action. Nothing interesting to say except that Layla got some warmth from her fellow English people.

Rosa Mendes and Alberto del Rio share a moment backstage because they’re Latinos and that’s what we Latinos only do.

Kofi Kingston vs Alberto del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez—Fell asleep like the crowd on the Arena. When Randy’s music hit as the people there I woke up because I really didn’t expect Randy at Raw for some odd reason. This ended costing Alberto’s match and afterwards it made him eat a RKO.

Santino Marella & Zack Ryder vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes—If I could have skip this I would have done it. 3 hours is too much and at this time it’s too much.

Brodus Clay vs Wade Barrett—From being in squash matches to being in one. Crowd was hot for Barrett which was expected he is from England.

Heath Slater w/ Jinder Mahal vs Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso—Another tag match with more contenders. They should now make the singles division matter.

Before the main event CM Punk came out to a really good reaction which is expected when half the Arena is wearing his shirt. He tells the fans that his incredible reign will continue and that he set the bar to high. Maybe he is right, now I don’t see anyone worthy of taking the title off him.

CM Punk w/ Paul Heyman & Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena & Ryback—Hot match that thankfully had the best wrestlers in the world taking on Cena and not Ryback. But that didn’t last long because Ryberg got the tag and hit his own 3 or 4 moves of doom on Punk. Once again Punk gets hit with the Shell Shock for the fourth time this month. The show ends with Ryback chanting “Feed Me More” alongside the England crowd that clearly hates Cena. If he would have hit the Shell Shock on Cena I would’ve stop saying he sucks but he didn’t.

Final Score: 8/10