08/09/12 Impact Wrestling Review-Bully Ray vs James Storm

08/09/12 Impact Wrestling Review

Opening Segment

This week the show kicks off with Bully Ray who is received by loud boos. After doing his “Do you know who I am?” and his tweetah machine thingy he started to talk about the Aces & Eights stuff. Just like everyone else have said the past weeks they all think James Storm is the one behind the group. Soon a pissed Storm came out and cut a pretty good promo on Bully Ray.  Then both were interrupted by Aces & Eights. They really need subtitles for their promos. This was a really good opening segment to set up the main event between these two and to set things up for this Sunday.

BFG Match: RVD vs Magnus w/ Mr. Anderson at Commentary

First match of the night was a Bound for Glory series match with half of the men that will be involved in a Falls Count Anywhere match this Sunday. RVD and Magnus faced each other while Mr. Anderson was on commentary. The match between these two was good and entertaining. But Mr. Anderson in complete silence during the match made it look like he wasn’t needed there. But they had to have him involved since the pay-per-view is this Sunday.

Winner: Rob Van Dam +7 (35 total points)

Tag Team Championship Match

For some reason the Television Champion Devon is back at TV and he is having tag team championship shot. Shouldn’t he be defending his current title? Teaming with Devon was Garrett Bischoff. This was a short title match that it was only used for the four men get some TV time I guess. Is a shame because last week horrible segment with Kaz and Daniels was so horrible it was entertaining. Also I would love to see Kaz play with baby AJ Styles again.

Winners (and still Tag Team Champions): Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

Robbie E segment

TNA’s version of Zack Ryder comes out with his body guard Robbie T and starts to brag about his win over Jeff Hardy a couple weeks ago. I got to say that haters have to admit that Robbie E is talented. He is naturally annoying and that makes him a good heel. After he shows the footage of him beating Hardy he is interrupted by the Charismatic Enigma—I almost wrote enabler remembering how Punk used to call him—who isn’t to happy about his bragging. Jeff Hardy comes to the ring and when he gets rid of Big Rob and goes after Robbie. After Hardy slaps him Robbie T attacks him and powerbombs him through the table that was set up symbolizing their match on Sunday. Is nice to see Robbie E as a threat, even if is for Robbie T.

Before the third match of the night a mad Samoa Joe came to the commentary table and ranted on the commentary headset. I don’t know if I’m wrong by seeing it this way but it reminded me of CM Punk this week.

BFG Match: AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle

Former tag team champions faced each other for some points. At ringside was Claire Lynch the pregnant woman with allegedly AJ’s baby, and for the first time I’ve seen her involved in this storyline she was smiling and cheering for AJ. This match was excellent. There were a lot of counters and false finishes. Does Kurt Angle ever hit the moonsalt? After his loss AJ has a short interaction with Claire who didn’t look happy with AJ clearly not caring about her. Is this TNA’s “Crazy Chick” storyline?

Winner: Kurt Angle +7 (48 total points)

Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher

The match between these two knockouts was good but it was secondary. The main reason for this match to take place was Earl Hebner the referee. The past few weeks he is been screwing calls in favor of Madison Rayne now the #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship. That’s why after the match Madison came out to plant a big kiss on Earl. This was just a way to further a storyline for this Sunday’s PPV.

Winner: Miss Tessmacher

Contract Signing

Throughout the night there was talks about how Bobby Roode wasn’t happy with the contract and wasn’t signing it. When it came the time Sting came out and called out the champion and the challenger. As he hit the ring Bobby Roode immediately complained about one clause on the contract. The clause stated that if he lost on Sunday he didn’t get a title shot as long Austin Aries hold the World Heavyweight title. But Austin Aries once again made a proposition that wasn’t on the table. He said that they could make a verbal agreement that after this Sunday the loser wasn’t getting a rematch. Bobby Roode accepted making things look more interesting this Sunday.

BFG Match: Bully Ray vs James Storm

The match between this two was good but following a match like AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle is difficult to do. But the match was entertaining. The thing is that nothing happened. Aces & Eights presence was heard throughout the night but they didn’t make an impact at the end. The match ended with Bully getting the victory and then they announced that they will attack someone on Sunday. Also did James Storm did another Codebreaker on this match?

Winner: Bully Ray +7 (28 total points)

Grade: -A